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By October 10, 2014Blog

It’s amazing the impact one dollar has. Then what happens when you double that? Being a Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel we feel that we have a responsibility to make a difference anywhere we can. Since 2008, Grand Legacy At The Park has been working with Plan USA to empower children in 50 developing countries. If a child has the opportunity to realize their full potential, nothing can stop them from making a better life for themselves and generations to come. Plan USA has a new cause “Because I am a Girl” that will make this vision a reality.

October 11th is International Day of the Girl and shines light on the struggle girls in developing countries face from the second they are born. They have a greater chance of being sold into the sex trade, being forced into early marriage, suffering from violence, and becoming infected with HIV. Also, not only do they have limited access to a doctor, but to primary education. That is what makes “Because I am Girl” so important; with everything stacked against them, the cycle can be changed through education, healthcare, and clean water. In addition to supporting this amazing campaign, Grand Legacy At The Park sponsors 5 children around the globe and asks guests if they would like to donate one dollar toward these causes. That dollar is then matched by our hotel to maximize the results for these children all over the world.

Previously, we partnered with Plan USA on ending bullying and violence in 40 schools in Indonesia and ending early forced marriage in Egypt. Now we are helping creating better lives for girls in Sierra Leone through “Because I am a Girl”. This video speaks to what we are striving to accomplish through this cause.
Grand Legacy At The Park has joined in on this vision to empower these girls. Specifically, this cause generates support groups for girls from birth that will protect them from harm, provide them with the skills to save money and plan for the future. The money saved can be used for medical bills and schooling. With children becoming orphans or young girls becoming the head of their households, these skills will impact their lives, then their society, and then the world they live in. Plan USA says, “Invest in a girl and she will change the world.”

Grand Legacy At The Park, a Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel believes that every dollar gets us closer to a world where children realize their full potential and transform the planet into one that respects people’s rights and dignity.

Through Plan USA’s program, “Because I am a Girl”, the money collected can build their skills to finally give them a chance, break the cycle, and create a better life they deserve. One more dollar toward clean water, one more dollar toward a girl’s education, or one more dollar for programs that help girl’s speak up to report harm. It’s all about empowering these girls to become strong women that feel in control of their lives. That sounds like a dollar well spent!

So, when you check in during your next visit with us, please consider joining us in these amazing causes that are truly making a difference in these children’s lives. One dollar is all we are asking for. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Plan USA

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