Cooking With Disney®

By August 10, 2016Blog

Do you ever long for the churros and bread bowls from the Disneyland® Resort? Sure, you can get them at other restaurants, but they just don’t have the same taste. Unfortunately, we have come to the conclusion that we cannot visit the Disneyland® Resort every day of the year, so we will have to find another way to satisfy those cravings. Here we have compiled some Disney® inspired dishes to try while you are at home.


Mickey Mouse Soft Pretzels

This snack is perfect because it doesn’t require a special occasion as an excuse to make them. These warm buttery soft pretzels are great alternatives to the normal crunchy pretzel you usually eat as snacks at home. Using a Mickey Mouse shaped cookie cutter makes molding these pretzels simple, and you can use the cookie cutter for making other baked goods in the future.

Jack-Skellington-Cake-Idea-3Jack Skellington Cake

Having a Halloween party, or have a kid that loves the Nightmare Before Christmas? Try making this Jack Skellington cake, which is sure to please your guests, or your kids. This recipe uses cake mixes you can get at your local grocery store, so you cut out the extra time it takes to make your own batter. Using orange and black food coloring makes this a Halloween treat, but you could easily substitute your kids’ favorite color for a birthday cake surprise.



Yes, ratatouille did exist before the ©Disney Pixar movie was released, but we can’t help but think of cute little Remy every time we hear about this French dish. What was once considered a “peasant” dish, ratatouille is now appreciated for it’s taste, and its ability to get your kids to eat vegetables. *Although we find the movie adorable, we do not encourage real life rats helping in the cooking process.
Chocolate-Peanut-Butter-Sandwich-3Pooh’s Corner Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwiches

This recipe is a direct recreation of a park favorite snack! We can’t visit Pooh’s Corner every day for these treats, so we are glad that someone has already found a perfect recipe. These deliciously sweet snacks are surprisingly easy to recreate, even down to the secret layer of chocolate between the peanut butter and graham cracker.

edible-teacups-recipe-photo-420x420-cl-000DEdible Teacups

It’s amazing how these edible teacups can be so adorable and so easy to make at the same time. These snacks only require five ingredients and are the perfect addition to your children’s tea party experience. If you want to make them into an extra sweet treat, you can even include ice cream! To finish off the experience, we suggest making these Queen of Hearts Tarts to go with your teacups.

Do you have any Disney® inspired recipes that you love making? We’re still on the lookout for that perfect Dole® Whip recipe that we can make on our own. Until then, we will just have to keep going to Disneyland to get it!

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