Packing Hacks You Need to Know

By February 3, 2017Blog

Packing is a daunting task and if you’re anything like the millions of other travelers, you probably hate it. There may be more than one reason you hate it too. Maybe it takes too long or you can’t imagine how on earth you’re going to fit your whole house into your luggage. On top of trying to strategically pack your essentials with every thing else, you also have to keep in mind the size restrictions for you liquid toiletries. Whether you’re going on a quick 2 day trip the next state over or a long term trip across the world, we want to take some of the stress out and make packing as easy as possible for you. We combed the internet and came up with the following packing hacks that you should know for your next trip.

Ladies, this first one is for you. One of the worse feelings is going to your makeup bag and seeing that all (or some) of your powdered makeup has broken. Makeup is expensive and we want you to avoid this mishap. Simply take a cotton pad or cotton ball and insert into your compact. This will create a cushion and prevent breakage and cracks happening to your favorite powders.

It’s never fun going to your bag to grab your lotion, shampoo or any other various liquid toiletry only to find out that it managed to open and spill everywhere. Plus this can be really frustrating to clean while away. Well, we found the perfect hack and we don’t know why we never thought of this! All it takes is some plastic wrap, like the kind you find in your kitchen, or some duct tape.  Open the top to your bottle and cover the opening with your tool of choice. No more spills!

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We should all know this one, but if not, rolling your clothes instead of folding them saves ton of space. It allows you to possibly downsize your luggage or fit more clothing into a large bag. The trick with this hack is to remember to roll your clothes when your packing to return home, especially if you’re packing more clothes and/or souvenirs.

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Want to keep that luggage and the clothes in it smelling fresh on your long journey? Throw in a dryer sheet and fall in love with the smell of fresh clothes when you open your bag to unpack. This hack is so simple and effective, it’s one of our favorites.

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Here’s another makeup travel hack for the ladies. Don’t want to take your whole bottle of liquid foundations in fear of them getting lost, broken or leaking? Grab some extra contact lens holders and store your liquid foundation that way. Not only is it extremely compact, you also won’t have to worry about any spillage in your bag. Not sure how much you’ll need? Pack a couple with the amount you think you need. 

Not a fan of the “roll your clothes method” but still looking for a way to increase space? Storing your clothes, especially bulky items like winter jackets, in compression bags will not only give you that extra space your’re looking for but it also prevents wrinkles quite nicely.

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Have you found any of these hacks helpful or do you plan on using any of them on your next vacation? Let us know which ones are your favorite and keep a look out for a part 2 of Packing Hacks You Need to Know!

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