Most Forgotten Items When Packing

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Packing can be a daunting task. Honestly, who really enjoys packing? It’s definitely not on our list of favorite things to do to prepare for a trip but it’s one of those things that (obviously) has to be done. If you’re like some (or maybe most) people, you may be a last minute packer and we get it, just the thought of packing is tiresome but being a day before or day of packer has its consequences! There’s nothing worse than being at the airport with that nagging thought of “I feel like I’m forgetting something”, only to reach your destination and realize that you did, in fact, leave something back home. Nine times out of ten, that something can be repurchased at a convenience store, but who wants to spend money they shouldn’t have to? Packing for your trip is way too important and we don’t want you to forget anything! Continue reading for the most commonly forgotten items when packing!

Personal Hygiene

This seems pretty simple to remember, but forgetting a toothbrush, hair products or other hygiene items isn’t so uncommon. These products are also the most easy to replace but a travel size, name brand hair product can run you about $4! These small purchases add up and we want you to spend your money on making memories while on vacation, not on repurchasing toothpaste.

Hand Sanitizer

It is recommended by the CDC to frequently wash your hands with soap, but depending on where you are and what you’re doing, soap and water may not be easily accessible. And one of the worse things that can happen to you while on vacation is getting sick. Think of how many people touch that door handle you’re about to touch or that handrail on the escalator. Although hand sanitizer can’t replace the trinity of hand washing (water, soap, drying), and is not super effective when your hands are visibly dirty, an alcohol-based sanitizer works just fine when you need a quick clean while on the go.

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Pain Killers

Another item that can cost you a few bucks if forgotten are pain killers. You never know when a headache will pop up or when you’ll need relief from achy muscles so you never want to leave these behind!


Not too many people travel with cash anymore but unless you want to pay ATM fees on top of ATM fees, you might want to reconsider. Want to avoid theft while on your travels? Check out these anti-theft travel accessories.


There aren’t too many things worse than being out and about with a phone that’s almost dead. You always want to keep a fully charged phone with you in case of an emergency or for that awesome photo opp. One of the most commonly forgotten things when packing are phone chargers which can run you about $15+ for good quality! Save that money and make sure its one of the first things you pack. To take it a step further, it may not be best practice to sightsee with a cord tucked away in your purse or backpack, so we recommend an external battery or phone charging case.

Laundry Bag

A laundry bag is something you might not even think about packing. To avoid those dirty clothes and scents from mixing and mingling with your new clothes, you’ll want to bring a bag that is specifically dedicated to your dirty, stink and/or wet clothes. This bag can be a simple plastic grocery bag (or 2). If you opt for something fancy, try the resenthel Travel Laundry Bag or a Dirty Laundry Travel Bag from Bed Bath and Beyond. You don’t want to start your new day with yesterday’s scents!

Travel Documents

Besides your toothbrush and phone charger, your travel documents are the most important things on your list and should be number one before anything else.

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You never know when you’ll want to lounge by a pool, beach, or just sit out on a patio soaking up all that Vitamin D. Unless you’re going somewhere with cold temperatures or you’re travelling during the winter months, you should definitely pack your swimsuit or trunks just in case!

Now that you know the items that are most forgotten, you have no excuse to leave anything behind for your next adventure!

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