Best Snacks to Bring to Disneyland

By August 21, 2018Blog

Did you know Disneyland® Resort allows guests to bring snacks and drinks inside the parks? While many other theme parks prohibit outside food, Disneyland® Resort is the exception. We’ve gathered some favorite snacks to bring to Disneyland® for every appetite.

Grand Legacy Snack Bag

At Grand Legacy At The Park Hotel, we’ve made it super simple to bring snacks into Disneyland® for a day full of rides and entertainment, without an empty tummy.

Every guest at Grand Legacy At The Park can pick up their snack bag before heading over to the parks. It’s filled with essentials to get you through the morning including:

  • water bottle

  • cheese stick

  • granola bar

  • fresh fruit

Pick up your snack bags each day of your stay in our pool room from 7:00-9:00 am.

Healthy Snacks

There’s so many tempting treats inside Disneyland® Resort, you may want to balance it out and bring in some healthier options to snack on when your energy level is low. We like:

  • nuts or seeds (almonds, pumpkin seeds and trail mix just to name a few)

  • sliced apples with to-go, single serve peanut butter

  • baby carrots with to-go, single serve hummus

  • dried fruit

  • kale chips

Need to buy healthy snacks inside the parks? There are fresh fruit stands, smoothies and giant pickles for sale in abundance at the Disneyland® Resort.

Salty Snacks

You can buy individual size servings or pack in Disney® themed ziplock bags to make these salty snacks extra special:

  • pretzels

  • pringles

  • jerky

  • crackers with cheese dip

  • goldfish crackers

Looking to shake up the salt with a signature Disney® snack? We can’t resist the buttered popcorn carts you can smell almost a mile away or another favorite—giant Mickey pretzels!


Sweet Snacks

If you like a good mix of salty and sweet, or just don’t want to pay premium prices for the sweets at Disneyland®, these sugary options pack well, are portable and easy to enjoy while waiting in line:

  • fruit snacks

  • lollipops

  • jolly ranchers

  • gummy worms

  • Skittles

If there’s a sweet snack not to be missed at Disneyland® Resort, the overwhelming response is a famous churro. Now there’s even churro flavors to choose from including carrot cake, chocolate, watermelon and more.


Packing Snacks

Once you’ve decided on which delicious snacks to bring with you, consider giving each child a small drawstring bag to carry their own snack around. Kids feel more grown-up and in control when they have instant access to their snacks throughout the day. We suggest about 5 snack items per person, per day.

If you prefer one person to be the keeper of all the snack items, consider renting a locker for easy storage. For those who opt to keep snacks on hand, backpacks can be brought onto every ride at Disneyland® Resort and stored at your feet.

Need a place for an entire picnic meal at Disneyland®? With your hotel room only steps away, it’s easy to take a break for a nap or a swim around lunch time. Disneyland® Resort also has a shaded picnic area near the front gates where many families like to relax and eat.

Help us add to our list! What are some of your favorite snacks to bring into Disneyland®?

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