Hotel Checkout Made Easy

By August 17, 2018Blog

It’s hard to say goodbye, especially when you’ve just completed a magical Disneyland® Resort vacation and a comfortable stay at Grand Legacy At The Park. We certainly want you to think of our place as your “home away from home.” We also realize how important it is to ensure everything comes home with you—especially that special Mickey souvenir you may have just picked up from the parks.

Pack the Obvious

We love when our guests feel comfortable enough to relax and make themselves at home. This includes hanging clothes in the closet, using dresser drawers so clothing is easily accessible and filling the mini-fridge with cold drinks and snacks.

When it’s time for check out, we suggest you start packing up from those same places first. Most notably:

  • Dresser drawers

  • Nightstand drawers

  • Closets and wardrobes

  • Table and desktops

Check for Forgotten Items

It’s a known fact: our favorite things love to play hide and seek, especially when we are ready to head out the door. Car keys? Check small zippers in your luggage. Sunglasses? Check the top of your head.

Missing other essentials? Here’s some top hiding places to check before you go:

  • Safe for passports & valuables

  • Under the bed for missing socks & miscellaneous items

  • Under the benches in our luxury rooms & suites for shoes or bags

  • Behind bathroom door for drying swimsuits (we love our pool too!)

  • Shower for toiletries

  • Outlets for chargers & electronics

If you return home and find you have left something behind, don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-854-6097.

Settle Your Bill

Room and parking charges are discussed and reviewed at check in so there should not be any surprises at check out. Should you require a printed receipt, please visit our front desk on the morning of check out for an itemized bill.

Before You Go

We know you want to soak in every last bit of vacation, but we suggest doing one last check of the room, even after everything has been packed and placed by the door.

Here’s how to do a quick walk through to make sure you’ve packed everything:

  • Pull up the sheets and covers on the beds. If you came in with a small travel pillow or new stuffed animal from the parks, this quick fix will often reveal any missed items.

  • Walk along the perimeter of the room with your hand on the wall—this helps make sure you’ve done a complete check of every last space. Check high and low, ledges and behind furniture just in case.

On Your Way

If you brought your own car to Grand Legacy At The Park, we’re just a few blocks from major freeways to get you back home or anywhere in Southern California.

If you need transportation, be sure to secure an airport shuttle or taxi service before leaving your room. Our front desk is more than happy to help you with advanced transportation needs as well.

Last but not least, schedule your next visit to come see us again real soon! Check special rates here and sign up for our newsletter to stay connected with Grand Legacy At The Park Hotel.

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