The 10 Most Essential Foods of the Disneyland® Resort

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The Disneyland® Resort is home to some of the best food around. From corndogs to donuts there’s too many options to choose from! No trip to the “Happiest Place on Earth” would be complete without a few must have items though. We’ve created a list of our ten most essential foods you must try when visiting the Disneyland® Resort.


While you may have had a churro or two outside of the Disneyland ® Resort, it always seems to taste better inside. What makes Disneyland’s churros special? It’s all about the themed, limited-edition flavors, like the rose gold churro or the blue and red lightsaber churros for Star Wars.

2.Dole Whip

Dole Whip is a pineapple flavored soft-serve frozen dessert found at the Tiki Juice Bar in Adventureland. You can enjoy it on its own or as a float (with pineapple juice). For those of you 21 and over, you can also get Dole Whip at The Coffee House in the Disneyland Hotel, where they give you option to add a splash of rum!

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3. Corn Dogs

Just like with the churro, corn dogs can be found just about anywhere in the United States, but nothing compares to the Disneyland corn dog. I don’t know what Disney puts into these, but they are definitely a must try for all. Find them at Corn Dog Castle in Disney California Adventure and Little Red Wagon or Stage Door Cafe in Disneyland.

4. Monte Cristo Sandwich

The Monte Cristo sandwich, found in the Blue Bayou Restaurant or Café Orleans, is the best food at Disneyland that actually consists of something more than just sugar. It’s a ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese sandwich that is battered, deep-fried, and served with a berry sauce for dipping. Tip: the sandwich is cheaper at Café Orleans than the upscale Blue Bayou (however, if you haven’t been to the Blue Bayou, then it is definitely worth a visit).

5. Mickey Beignets

What’s better than fried dough shaped like Mickey? You can find them in Café Orleans or the Mint Julep Bar (both of which are in New Orleans Square) in either a three pack or six pack. They sometimes feature specialty flavors such as the Candy Cane Beignets being offered currently for the holiday season.

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6. Popcorn

Besides the fact that everyone loves popcorn, what makes this an essential snack item, are the buckets! These collectable (often limited edition) popcorn buckets are just a fun (and convenient way) to keep your popcorn readily available throughout the park. Some of my favorites include the Star Wars Tie-Fighter bucket, the Oggie Boogie Halloween bucket, and the Toy Story Alien bucket. It’s the perfect treat and souvenir all in one!

7. Soup in a Bread Bowl

If you’ve ever been to Boudin Bakery and taken the Bakery Tour, then you will have seen (or rather smelled) the fresh baked sourdough bread. In fact, all sourdough bread in both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure come from this bakery. You can try one of the famous bread bowl soups (I recommend the clam chowder or the gumbo) at French Market Restaurant, Harbor Galley, Pacific Wharf Cafe, and Royal Street Veranda.

8. Gourmet Donuts

The gourmet donuts are first come first serve so get to the Coffee Cart on Main Street U.S.A. early to try the donut of the day. Some of the most popular have been the delicious Dole Whip Donut to the incredibly adorable UP themed donut. These donuts are (almost) too picture perfect to eat!

UPdonutPicture via thekitchenmagpie

9. Hand Pulled Candy Canes

As Christmas is just around the corner, I would be remiss not to mention the most traditional holiday treat the resort has to offer, the hand pulled candy canes. This tradition dates back more than fifty years at the Disneyland ® Resort; however, it takes true dedication to actually get your hands on one of these famous candy canes. Candy canes can be found at Candy Palace or Trolley Treats, but you need a wristband in order experience the candy cane pulling processes and to purchase one for yourself. As with the gourmet donuts, these wristbands are first come first serve, so arrive early if you would like to experience this magical tradition.

10. The FIFTH

No list would be complete without mentioning our very own rooftop restaurant and bar, The FIFTH. What pairs better with delicious food, than a spectacular view? While it’s not technically in the Disneyland ® Resort, it has incredible views of both parks and the most amazing food. After a long day of Disney, it’s the perfect stop. A few of our personal favorites include the Drunkin Donuts (again, you can’t go wrong with a donut, especially when there’s alcohol involved) and the delicious Crafted Burger.  Check out our instagram @thefifthoc to see all the exciting stuff we have going on!

Drunkin Donuts

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